Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Love ||Ch.1|| -First Meeting-

Who don't have a first love these time? 
Only a weird people don't have one. 
But it is different.
A long time ago, in ice castle live a princess call lucy.
Her parents was a great king and queen.. 
She never meet a man that can make her fall in love. 
She never knew the feeling when people fall in love. 
And she want to know. 
She ask her mother,
and her motherscold her not to go out from the castle.
She think that if she go out from the palace, 
she will see many guy.
And she can found her first love. Early in the morning.
She wear a coat, a cap. She also tie her hair,
and use ordinary shirt not a dress.
she go to the town secretly with her  servant,Dean.
The sun has going down, night has come.
Lucy  has already see around town.
And she always get bored with the man. 
Until someone take her bag. 
She shout "help!" But she know that she must do something. 
She chased that man, And 'got you!'. 
And she realize that man just making fool of her. 
He smile and  laugh. -thump - her heart beat fast. 
It's the first time she saw a smile like that. 
She still unsure with herself. 
Her servant just standing behind the wall. 
And see them with creepy face. 


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Then the story begins and we start to complete the story each other.
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 i name this blog as " Story inside my Phone"
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It's all inside my phone and inside our hearts.
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